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Who we are

Helping Farmers' win

AgroStar, the India based agri input focused platform for farmers, is a pioneer in brining the power of technology and agronomy know-how in the hands of the Indian farmer. In India alone, more than 130 million farmers who are in pursuit of higher yields, less costs and better margins for the farms could potentially benefit from AgroStars services of access to great quality and original inputs, door step delivery and agronomy guidance.

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Invest with your change

Peaks is an innovative investment app, that makes it possible to invest with your change. With every bank transaction Peaks rounds the amount down to the next euro. The collected change will be deposited on your Peaks account. Small pieces, but together, this can add up to a nice amount. Its not just putting change aside, but investing it in sustainable index funds. This way you easily get more from your money.

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Your Financial Fellow

Tellow is an automated accounting app that is directly linked to the bank account of the entrepreneur. Tellow lets the entrepreneur know when his invoices are paid and automatically processes his scanned receipt. This way the entrepreneur saves time and can just be busy with his company. The tool also provides the entrepreneur with an  overview of his current balance, expected VAT and outstanding amounts.

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Catalysing the world’s commodity trade network

omgo is a venture that seeks to digitalise the trade and commodities finance sector through a blockchain based open platform. komgo is launched by fifteen of the world’s largest institutions, including banks, energy majors, trading companies and an inspection company.

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ProducePay is the leading industry resource for produce trading

ProducePay provides farmers with financial resources, tech tools, and data insights. Its financial solutions give produce growers, distributors, shippers and marketers access to cash flow and tools to increase sales. The company recently launched multiple tools for online trading and data insights. These tools aim to streamline the produce sales process by allowing verified distributors and grower shippers to find new business partners, communicate digitally and access real-time pricing and market conditions.

More trust more trade

The platform is a digital one stop shop for trade. The platform built on the IBM Blockchain Platform using Hyperledger Fabric offers banks’ customers access to a simple user-interface, leveraging innovative Smart Contract and opening up potential new trading opportunities.

The Future of Smart Farming

JoinData offers farmers, data suppliers and application builders access to a reliable infrastructure for financial and technical data of agricultural companies through a data platform.

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Your first class financial flow

Facturis is an online platform that contributes to optimizing the financial situation of large, medium and small businesses in the Netherlands.

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Your flexible payment solution at your fingertips

GoCredible Smart Contracts Payment Service is a conditional payment solution specially developed for online platforms, marketplaces and webshops. With the reliability of a bank making it fast, safe, simple and affordable. GoCredible makes an increase in the turnover possible by offering 100% security to both buyers and sellers.

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Who we are

A 150m fund to invest globally in growth stage (software) companies in Fintech and Agtech


We partner with founders and provide support to reach the next stage

Harrie Vollaard
Managing Partner
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Martijn Scholtes
Chief Financial Officer
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Jeroen van Doornik
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Khadija Loukili
Investment Analyst
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Michèle Waltman
Venture Partner
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Menno Rijnsburger
Investment Analyst
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Wijnand Bekker
Investment Analyst
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About / Value
Our value proposition

Access to customers, knowledge & network and scaling capabilities

Access to customers

We will help you leverage our footprint in the European Union and in the Food & Agri sector internationally. With over 7 million retail customers and 4 million globally in the Food & Agri sector, we will find ways to use our distribution power to get you the right access.

Knowledge & Network

With over 100 years of experience in the banking sector we live and breathe financial services. Not only will we give you access to our knowledge but provide you with world- class industry experts and access to our senior business sponsors.


Over the last couple years we have been working closely with startups and building ventures internally , of which some are currently scaling their business as independent label in the market. Working with these ventures extensively has paved the way internally to embrace and commit to disruptive solutions. This makes us an ideal partner for you.
About / Themes

The focus of RFV is on new business models, often build on emerging (software) technologies in the Fintech and Food & Agri space.

We have divided our focus in to 4 themes

Financial Cruise Control


Platform Banking

Emerging Tech


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